What is the importance of organic chemistry in our daily life

importance of organic chemistry:

importance of organic chemistry
Today I will tell you about Importance of organic chemistry.No field science is so closely related without our daily activities as is organic chemistry. The food we eat mainly organic in nature. The changes which this food undergoes in our bodies are organic chemical reactions. Metabolism, growth, and maintenance of our bodily functions involve organic chemistry, as do the analogous changes taking place throughout the entire living world, plant and animal.

The clothes we wear, the dyes that color them, the soap and starch used to launder them, the leather in our shoes, as well as the dye and shoe polish, are products of the organic chemical industry. Many of the structural materials in our houses and furniture, as well as paints and varnishes used for finishing them, are all organic. Many of the appointments in our motor cars, their fuels and lubricants, and the fuels which power our industrial plants are all organic in nature. The tremendous importance of organic compounds in everyday life is illustrated by the following list:

Food: Proteins, fats, carbohydrates
Clothing: Cotton, silk, wool, nylon, rayon, Dacron
Shelter: Wood, paints, varnishes
Power and Transportation: Natural gas, petroleum products, coal
Medicines and Drugs: Penicillin G, Streptomycin, LSD
Insecticides: DDT
Herbicides: Treflan, 2,4-D
Hormones and Steroids
Vitamins and enzymes
Antiseptics and Anesthetics
Pigments and Dyes
Paper and inks
Photographic films and Developers
Perfumes and Flavours
Plastics, Rubber, and Resins
Propellants and Explosives
Soap and Detergents

Frequently investigation based on organic chemistry has profoundly influenced the lives of many people, sometimes even the course of civilization. At one time thousands of acres of land were required in the growing of plants such as Indigo and Turkey red. Organic chemical research showed how to synthesize these dyes from coal-tar, and thus released this land for other productive uses.
The importance of organic chemistry is enormous. It deals with many of the most important man-made artifacts life, Such as gasoline, synthetic fibers, plastics, insecticides, moth-repellants, explosives, dyes, and medicines.
The course of civilization has been greatly affected by advances in medicine. Much of the advance has been due to the introduction of such organic compounds as antiseptics, anesthetics, and antibiotics. The disease has been checked, the death rate lessened, and the future expectancy of mankind doubled within the last 50 years. Such a significant change in the human economy., of course, poses new issues of mankind. Possible over population, inadequate supplies of food, increased the average age of the population, and the lake, now challenges the ingenuity of our leaders in the various fields of human endeavor.

Besides the practical application, most biological problems are concerned with organic chemistry. The composition of tissues and of foods; their changes in metabolism, growth process, physiology, disease, all involve the reaction of organic chemistry. An understanding of biological processes, the functioning of plants and animals, and many fundamental phases of agriculture, medicine, and the like, can be based only upon a knowledge of organic chemistry.

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