Write down different effects of acid rain?

Harmful Effects of Acid Rain:

Harmful Effects of Acid Rain
  1. It makes the lakes so acidic that they can no longer support fish life.
  2. The yield of agricultural crops is also reduced.
  3. HNO3 acid rain gradually eats up lime stone and marble of the buildings and corrodes metals.
  4. It fades the color of fabrics (e.g. cotton, nylon and rayon), leather and paper .
  5. It causes extensive leaf-drop in plants.

  6. It is very corrosive and attacks skin.
  7. Acidification of soil and rocks can leach metals like Aℓ, Hg, Pb and Ca and discharge them into water bodies.Then these heavy metals are eaten by fishes which proves very much dangerous for those animals and birds which eat these fishes.
  8. It also damages steel, paint, plastic, cement, masonry work and sculptural materials.

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