Organic Chemistry Mcqs PDF Book.


Organic Chemistry Mcqs PDF Book.

Most of the entrance exams have multiple-choice questions. Many BSC Exams now also have such questions. Carefully learn the strategies for taking multiple-choice tests Organic Chemistry Mcqs PDF Book.

Test Strategies.

  1. Read the direction Carefully.
  2. Know if you are penalized for guessing.
  3. Answer the easy questions first.

Answering options.

  1. Improve your odds, think critically

  2. Hide the options, read the stem, and try to answer Select the option that most closely matches your answer 

  3. Read the stem with each option Treat each option as a true-false question, and choose the “most true”

Strategies To Answer Difficult Questions.

  1. Eliminate options you know to be incorrect

  2. Question options that are totally unfamiliar to you

  3. Question options that contain negative or absolute words

  4. “All of the above” If you know two of the three options seem correct, “all of the above” is a strong possibility

  5. Number answers Toss out the high and low and consider the middle range numbers

  6. “Look alike options” Probably one is correct; choose the best but eliminate choices that mean basically the same thing, and thus cancel each other out
  7. Echo options If two options are opposite each other, chances are one of them is correct

  8. If two alternatives seem correct, compare them for differences, then refer to the stem to find your best answer

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