Structural Methods In Molecular Inorganic Chemistry PDF

Structural Methods in Molecular Inorganic Chemistry PDF.

Structural Methods In Molecular Inorganic Chemistry PDF.

It is over 25 years since Structural Methods in Inorganic Chemistry was first published, and more than 20 since it’s second (and most recent) edition. But for most of those 20 years, there has been pressure for a new edition, a reprint or a new book. Eventually, the pressure was too much. This book is the outcome. Meanwhile, much has changed. About the time the second edition was published, Evelyn Ebsworth and Stephen Cradock both moved out of academic chemistry. Their places have been taken by Norbert Mitzel and Carole Morrison. Norbert studied at the Technische Universitat Munchen and did his Ph.D. with Hubert Schmidbaur, who had good connections to Evelyn Ebsworth and David Rankin. Norbert’s interest in structural chemistry stimulated by that book led to him working in Edinburgh as a Marie-Curie fellow from 1995. We have been talking about a new book since then! Carole was in David Rankin’s research group as a Ph.D. student and then a post-doctoral research fellow, and was then awarded a Royal Society research fellowship before joining the permanent staff in Edinburgh. David provides the continuity of authorship. The subject matter has, of course, changed a lot. In most areas, the fundamentals are the same, and we have not hesitated to reuse old material where it is appropriate. But there has been a significant shift in inorganic chemistry towards materials chemistry, for which the structural techniques required include some that are quite different from those used to study molecular species. So we have added the word ‘molecular’ to the title. It doesn’t trip off the tongue so easily, but it makes no false promises.


1. Determining Structures – How and Why.
2. Tools and Concepts.
3. Theoretical Methods.
4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
5. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy.
6. Mossbauer Spectroscopy
7. Rotational Spectra and Rotational Structure
8. Vibrational Spectroscopy
9. Electronic Characterization Techniques
10. Diffraction Methods
11. Mass Spectrometry
12. Case Histories

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