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Ascorbic Acid Uses.

Ascorbic Acid

  1. Has Immune-stimulating effect and available antibacterial activity.

  2. There is a leading role in the formation of collagen in the teeth, bones, skin, and capillaries.

  3. There antioxidant affects the cells in oxidative stress and neutralize part of free radicals.

  4. Participates in the structure of the enzymes, as no protein part called a cofactor for hydrolyzing enzymes.

  5. To the mitochondria are available respiratory circuits to which the composition is placed and ascorbic acid.

  6. In the human body has the effect of redox factor glutathione type 1 and 2.

Ascorbic Acid Tablets.

  1. Warfarin from the group consisting of anticoagulants, which in combination with ascorbic acid reduces its effect.

  2. Oral Contraceptives Cleaners after stopping the combination with аscorbic acid results in a synergistic effect.

  3. The parallel decision-ascorbic acid with phenothiazines, aminoglycoside antibiotics leads to the antagonistic action. In contrast deystivie of assimilation by the organism or significantly reduced amounts of blood plasma from the metabolized substance.

  4. During pregnancy and lactation has not been seen side effects in the use of water-soluble vitamin.

  5. Ascorbic acids are assimilable by sodium-transporters. In the body is taken by diffusion and active transport through the cell membrane. It removes from the body through diuresis.

Ascorbic Acid Physical State.

Vitamin C is the common name of ascorbic acid. Vitamin is from the group of water-soluble vitamins. physical properties. Ascorbic acid is a yellowish color crystalline powder. Left in the air, even at room temperature oxidized rapidly.

  1. Density 1,694g / cm3

  2. Boiling point 553°C

  3. Metlting point 190°C

  4. Dissociation constants pK1 = 4.17 , pK2 = 11.57

  5. Optical rotation [] D/20 between +20.5° and +21.5° (10% w/v aqueous solution)

  6. Specific optical rotation (c=1 in water); +20.5 to 21.5degrees and ( in methanol c=1) +48 degrees at 23 degrees.

Because of the carbon has an enantiomer form. And because of this can talk about the projection in the space.

Chemical Properties of Ascorbic Acid.

Because hydroxyl groups saw references to polar solvents. The solvents may be water or ethanol.
Ascorbic acid is a weak acidic Properties, also possesses cyclic ring a furan type, the structure is similar to that of glucose. Ascorbic acid has two forms one being reduced, which means that the second and third
carbon atom present two hydroxyl groups, and the other is oxidized these two hydroxyl groups have become carbonyl or ketone. During the process of dissociation ascorbic acids acquires ionization activity, i.e. charge, this form is called ascorbate.
Ascorbic acid can be reacted with organic acids such as Palmitic Acid as products of the reaction, ethyl alcohol, and water.

In the industry of glucose with a hydrogen additive in imported catalyst nickel in order satiety response is obtained polyol called sorbitol. This alcohol by the reaction of dehydrogenation in an environment of the microorganism of the genus Acetobacter formed sorbose (which is a ketone character type monosaccharide). It is passed through an oxidation reaction with the catalyst platinum and then is formed into 2ketogluconic acid during cyclization obtained interaction occurs by intramolecular nature between the carboxyl group of the first carbon and hydroxyl group on the fourth carbon leads to the reaction of dehydration and cyclization furanyl.
In analytical practice is used to determine the type quantitative analysis by titration process typical example is the process of iodometry, then iodine is reacted with ascorbic acid to give a bluish-black complex.
  1. Ascorbic acid, as can be derived from plants, and maybe entirely synthetic.

  2. In natural form, it is found in many plants: citrus, potatoes, cabbage, peppers, currants, etc.

  3. In the pharmaceutical industry has synthetic analog.

  4. Of the pharmaceutical market, ascorbic acid can be available without a prescription.

  5. Upon reduction of the number of ascorbic acids in the body are observed Methemoglobinemia, scurvy.

The pharmaceutical market offers medicines with ascorbic acid in the form of coated tablets of 100mg,500mg; effervescent tablets of 500mg, 1000mg. Also available on the market and ampoules for drinking with ascorbic acid for young children 100mg / 2ml for adults and 100 mg / 5 ml.
The normal dose for receiving tablets and ampoules for adults from 300 to 500 mg once a day for 2 weeks duration of therapy for the purpose of immune protection. For children from 100 to 200mg once daily for 2 weeks treatment

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