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⟹ Boric Acid Formula.

Boric Acid Formula.
Boric acid has the general molecular formula (H3BO3). Often in practice, they are called the Lewis acid.
Physical properties.

  1. It is a white crystal-like and dissolved in water.
  2. Its accreditation of the solution is 5.1, weak acid.
  3. Its common density is 1.435 g / cm3.
  4. The solubility of boric acid is up to three stages. The first and dissociation pKa 1 =9.4 ,second – pKa2 = 12.4 and the last – pKa3 = 13.3.
  5. The molar and weight are a value of 61.83 g / mol -1.
Boric acids form hydrogen bonds, which is due to its ability to form oxygen-hydrogen bonds. It can be formed with water molecules or hydrogen atom to form an intermolecular bond to another electronegative atom – sulfur, nitrogen, fluorine.

Through the formation of hydrogen intramolecular bonds showed an increase in the boiling point and melting. The joints resemble covalent polar character but are considerably energetically weaker than covalent intermolecular forces.

  1. This type of connection is called Van Der Waals.

  2. In nature, it occurs as an ingredient of many minerals – borax, borexino and melting.

  3. Its preparation is reacted in borax with mineral hydrochloric acid.

  4. Boric acid-neutralizing hydrofluoric acid. With hydrofluoric acid to form a complex compound. Thereby neutralizing the action of fluorine anion.

⟹ Boric Acid Medical Uses.

  1. Boric acid is Singularly, but strong disinfectant action. Influence of bacteria causing skin diseases. Used for acne removal inflammation of clogged pores.

  2. The solution of boric acid can be used in open wounds. Wounds were washed with a solution of boric acid.

  3. Boric acid is used for spraying against insects, which means that there is an insecticidal effect. Also for disinfection of barrels and marc. Reduces the possibility of rotting wood in barrels that can be caused by bacteria that occur during fermentation used to produce wines.

  4. Except in medicine, boronic acids were This uses and rastienevadstvoto. Some plants in the absence of boron have retrospectively diseases that are observed on the leaves. Boron is a trace element that contributes to the healthy metabolism of plants. For small amounts of it improves the development of the stages of photosynthesis, as well as vile good root ability to suck water and minerals from the soil.
  5. In the absence of sufficient amounts of boron as a trace element is observed razsushavane of lists, the first symptom is a leaf chloroza leaves behind in its growth and becomes small (smaller).
  6. The impact on flowering sayuo is zabelyava. Plant lag in flowering. Also, the fruits are deformed in a specific way. Most sensitive to the absence of the element boron in its suit nature mesquite plants, cabbage, and sugar beet.
  7. For this purpose, to be used by plants trahana must blade dissolved in water. The water must be heated to 70 to 80 degrees Celsius, as her need to add portions of dust, as must the mixture and stir with a mixer until a homogeneous solution. Mixing will speed up the process of dissolution.
  8. Plants need to be poured dry night and it is important to be obscured because it is typical for one of the properties of boric acid, itself an autonomous and be stored in a place where there is no light.

⟹ Boric Acid Side Effects.

It is not recommended boric acid can be taken orally. Because at very high doses might accumulate in organs and cause their degradation, as previously neutralized fluorine anions and thus cause a decrease of the calcium ions, which would polyol mainly on the heart and kidneys Maybe accumulation occurs on bones.

Upon reception of boric acid can cause gastrointestinal disorders (diarrhea), as well as damage affecting the central nervous system (psychomotor) disabilities. 

In pharmacies offer 100-gram powder in packages of various companies representing the product.

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