Azelaic acid- side effects, uses, ordinary.

Azelaic acid.

Azelaic acid.

Azelaic acid is an organic compound with the formula HOOC(CH2)7COOH. Azelaic acid is acid, which is of an organic nature hydrocarbon skeleton construction. Saturated acid can participate in substitution reactions, because of the simple bond may also be called a fatty acid. It contains two carboxyl groups to determine its acidic character. The carboxyl groups are located at both ends of the carbon-hydrogen chain that supports the polymerization, by means dehydrating the reaction of two different monomers (heteropolymers synthesis).

Formula: C9H16O4
Melting point: 109°C
Density: 1.443 g/mL
Molar mass: 188.22 g/mol

Its dissociation takes place in two stages, by first forming a monocyclic anion. Then form a second carboxylic anion. Dissociation is carried out in two stages though there are two exponents of reporting. Are possible intermolecular bonds of hydrogen type, which increase the solubility and the boiling point of the compound. The compound is water-soluble.

Azelaic acid has the same chemical properties as all other carboxylic acids. The acid reacts with metals, metal oxides, metal hydroxides, salts, alcohols of fatty alcohols of the aromatic type, phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus pentachloride. The acid also participates in the decomposition processes decarboxylation as well as in combustion processes.

Uses Of Azelaic Acid.

The use of azelaic acid is mainly in cosmetic agents in combination with excipients. Usually
to the application of creams can only have a local impact. As the main action is anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and introduces carbonization, as the recovery process of the skin to eliminate clogging the pores and acne appearance of the ordinary type.

It is important before using the drug to mandatory consultation with the doctor because of the drug combined with retinoids may have depigmentation manifestation.

Medicinal products containing azelaic acid pharmaceutical market are:
  1. Skinoren cream of 30 grams to 20% content of azelaic acid;
  2. Finatseya gel of 30 grams of a 15% content of azelaic acid;
  3. Bielenda exfoliant gel of 50 grams with a content of 5% azelaic acid;

Before use, the formulation must have a check for allergenicity and hypersensitivity. Blend on the formulation should be only on areas that need. Azelaic acid should not fall on the eyes, mouth, mucous membranes, because there is a burning effect on them. The application of the cream should be twice a day. Typically, one time of application in the morning and the second – in the evening. Azelaic acid control skin pigmentation by influencing mainly on melatonin synthesis.

Azelaic Acid Side Effects.

Adverse effects that are very common among many of the patients applied the external cosmetic products, azelaic acid is burning, itching, redness (urticaria).
In the formulation, the following excipients with azelaic acid: conservant- benzoic acid; in
creams always dispersant and dispersed phase. Carriers (solvents) of the polar type are:
purified water, glycerol, propylene glycol; Fat-based (non-polar solvents used): triglycerides,
fatty alcohols, a mixture of mono- and diglycerides. And the weakly polar base, such as
polyoxyethylene ester.

In creams must contain an emulsifier, which must be adapted in relation to Hidrofilno lipophilic treatment, which is determined by the formula. The cream, which describes a composition is of the type of water in oil, the oil is predominantly as a basis for the dissolution of the active ingredients

Certain gels, which are non-abrasive effects on the market azelaic acid is combined – with
salicylic acid 40%, mandelic acid, lactic acid. Used for the purpose of exfoliation of the body of acne, acne and other common types of inflammation affecting the skin diseases of
inflammatory nature.


Azelaic acid included in the cosmetic suspension form of 10 % in 30 ml is a very effective addition of every type of skin and has antioxidant activity.

The high-purity of azelaic acid is really in a lightweight cream-gel system. Gotter does not use them directly in broken skin. And must be using skin protection cream during the day.

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Location : Varna, Bulgaria

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