Beta Particle | Symbol, Charge, Equation, Uses |

Beta Particle.

Beta particles are fast-flying particles. They can be as carrying an electric charge and protonic. The speed movement of beta particles is approximately equal to that of light. For the first time, these particles were examined in physics. There known beta particles as radioactive ingredients at high speed. The beta particle has a more penetrating ability. They are the essential electrons and are structureless. If we make a comparison between the particle alpha, beta, gamma.

Beta Particle.

Beta Particle Symbol.

Beta particles are fast-flying electrons (β-), which carry a negative e- ( negatron) or (β+) of positive particles. The positron has a mass equal to that of the electron. When emitting beta particles called beta radiation. In beta decay (β-), was observed n- neutron is converted into a proton, such as (β-), represents electron emission.

Beta Particle Charge.

This process is mediated by the weak interaction. Free neutrons also decay via this process. Both of these processes contribute to the copious quantities of beta rays and electron antineutrinos produced by fission-reactor fuel rods. In unstable atomic nuclei possible to observe is the following breakdown:


As observed with the available kinetic equation of a neutron there are three available various particles. These three gastritis are the following electron charge with a minus, it may be denoted as a beta negative particle, where (β-) is e-, positively charged proton and an antineutrino. Antineutrino is marked with vektrona line over itself particle.
(β-) Radiation includes electrons and positrons, they can be stopped by the aluminum foil. Beta particles with an energy of 0.5 МеV having a measurement for 1 meter in the air. The distance is depending on partial power. The possibility of obtaining (β-) is produced in nuclear reactions. Possibility of obtaining (β-) available free electrons.

Balmer series equation.

Positron emission is obtained from the proton, atomic emission. The general equation is as follows:
P → 

Degradation of a proton, which can occur during the passage of high energy to a lower energy state is observed cleavage which as follows is related to the formation of three particles. Accordingly, these are neutron Aas and electron with a positive charge, which means positron and neutrino v e no parallelism. A charge is formed outside the core in low power status exception other.
There are three main types involve beta decay:
  1.  Negatron (β-) emission, which involves the emission of a negative beta particle or

  2. a negative electron from the nucleus.

  3.  Positron (β+) emission, whereby a positive beta particle or positively charges electron

  4. is emitted from the nucleus.

  5.  Electron capture does not result in the emission of any beta particle.

Beta particle uses.

Beta-decay schemes: Can describe states of beta negative state in (Cs) cesium,P) phosphorus, (Ti) titanium , (Sr) strontium (90,89). (β+) used in CT (tomographic) scan at (PET scanning) by a radioactive isotope. Such an example can be given with ( F) fluorine – 18, which is used as a path of positron feed. Titanium is used for phosphorescent lighting typically for emergency lighting. Treatment for eye and bone cancers, strontium – 90 and 89.

Beta particle mass.

The mass of the beta particle is half of two-thousandth of the mass of the proton ( 1/2000 AMU). Shielding Aluminium. Beta particles can acquire a positive or negative charge. The speed of movement of the beta particle is approximately similar to that of light. The ionization of the beta particle is less than the alpha particles.

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