General Knowledge Quiz | Questions and answers |

General Knowledge Quiz | Questions and answers | This General Knowledge Quiz has geography-related questions and answers its very important for your knowledge. Solve it and improve your knowledge.

General Knowledge Quiz


1. In the Composition of the earth, Aluminum is:

2. The deepest part of the Ocean is:

3. After Australia, which of the following is the smallest Continent?

4. The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is:

5. The highest waterfall of the world is:-

6. The areas around the North and South poles within the Polar circles is called

7. “Death Valley” in California, U.S.A is so called because of:

8. Identify the largest ocean:

9. Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the:

10. Caribbean Sea is linked with the Pacific Ocean by the:

11. ‘Sea of Japan’ is famous for:

12. ‘Red sea’ is between:

13. Alexandria is a seaport of:

14. Bering Strait separates Asia from:

15. The longest mountain range in the world is:

16. Cyprus is an island in the:

17. Which of the following country shares the water of Caspian Sea?

18. Palk Strait separates India from:

19. ‘Dickson’ is a seaport of :

20. ‘Lake Superior’ is :

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