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Big Bang Theory.

What is the big bang theory definition? Where it comes from? Who discovered it? How did it happen? These are the questions everyone wants to know about it.  Genuine chemistry makes a timeline of all these questions for our readers.
Big bang theory explains what happened at the beginning of the universe. How the universe come into being? But according to scientific facts, our universe does not have any beginning. But there is something from where it has begun. Before that moment, there was nothing but after and during that moment: The Universe exists. There is a timeline about big bang theory explained below that may clear some facts about that :

What is the big bang theory?

The short and simple answer to this question is, ” how this universe comes into being according to astronomers ” They said it’s all about singularities. But the question is, what are the singularities? According to space and science facts, these are the zones that exist in the black holes. But we don’t make sure about where it will come from. Big bang theory is an idea that the universe comes from a single point expanded and grows with time as considerable it is right to know.


What is the big bang theory?

What is the big bang theory?


Who discovered the big bang theory?

The query as to who brought the big bang idea? An astronomer named Georges Lemaître provides an insight into the 1927 Big Bang. A long time ago, he said, the world was one single point, stretching with time kept pushing with time.

How Did it Happen?

As the astronomers said, with a single point, the universe begins. A long time ago, the stars and galaxies we see now in our cosmos weren’t there. It was a giant hot energy balloon (big bang) that was expanded and cool down with time and convert into small size and current temperature of our universe. It keeps evolving, and we are living inside it now. Within it, an incredible creature exists. And this is how the Big Bang hypothesis describes the origin of the universe.

What happened in the first 3 minutes of the Big Bang?

After the three mints of the big bang, hydrogen and helium nuclei with excess energy created this universe. And this three mints era is called the Planck Era, the GUT Era, the Electroweak Era, the Particle Era, and the Era of Nucleon synthesis. And the things created in this era exist today. But what about heavy elements carbon, oxygen, silicon, iron, and others? After that three mints creation, nothing is formed further millions of years. These elements are created as a result of fusion in the core of stars. Hydrogen fused into helium and helium into carbon.


Big bang theory is the most accepted theory regarding the origin of the universe as it supports most of the astronomers’ theory. One interesting fact about it is if we trace back ourselves to this theory, we are no more but all are the “star stuff.” what you think

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