How To Make Money Online in Pakistan 2020

Friends, today we are going to tell you such an app, you can earn 1500 PKR daily by working on this app.

How to register this app

After that you will click on register and your account will be created.

How to work on this app

First of all you are given a daily bonus inside

Within this app you are also given scratches to people and daily gives you this ap10 scratch

Within this app you also have to answer the questions from where you can get these people

You will also get questions of Math inside this app.

Inside this app you are given a Spain.

Apart from this, inside this app you will find many such options, where you will be given money.

Within this app, you will get $0.10 every Invite.

Apart from this, 15% referral commission is given to you from each invited up to life time.

How do we withdraw money from this app

Friends, withdrawing money from this app is also easy, first you people click on the withdraw option. 

Sir, you will see some other interface where you can withdraw money by selecting your method.

See the picture below

Within such an app, you have to make an available balance of $ 10, after which you can withdraw money from this app.

First of all, you have to Select payment method, after that you give your phone number, after that you have to write the withdrawal amount $ 10, then click on it, then your balance will reach your account.

You can also earn in this way, and apart from this, you will be able to do this in the same way. This app is a 100% real app.

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