Online Earn Money For Android mobile

today I will tell you how you can earn money sitting at home on your Android mobile. 

Friends, it is very easy to earn money in Android mobile, the app that I will share to you, you will have to install the app on your android mobile and after that you will start earning money through the app.

this app, which I am sharing to you, is also working in Pakistan and the which has been made for this app is from India.

people of Pakistan are earning a lot of money in this app, rather you will start earning money sitting at home in Pakistan by installing it on your Android mobile.

I will also show you a screenshot of such app, how the interface of such app is and how to earn money from this app, it will also show you in the screenshot.

Friends, you can see on the screenshot above, when you open this app, you will see this kind of interface.

Friends, I will tell you now how you will be able to register in this app.

First of all you open this app, after opening, you will be given a register button, click there
You will have to enter your username, after that you will have to enter your email address, after that you will have to create a new password.
After completing this work, what will you have to do? Let me tell you, you will see a button of the register there, click there.
So you people will register with ease in this app, after registering, you can login by clicking on login, putting your same user name and same email address password.
Now I will tell you how much money you can make from this app, get that money withdraw 

Friends, first you earn at least $ 10 in this app, after that you can also transfer your paypal bank money 

If you earn Daily $ 50 in this app, and you want that I can get it out on Pakistani bank, then you can get it out on the Pakistani bank with ease but first of all you will have to create your payoneer account.

First of all, you will withdraw money in your Payoneer account, only then you can withdraw money on your Pakistani bank.

What are the methods of withdrawl in this app, I also show you the same screenshot.

On the screenshot above friends, you can see that a lot of withdraw methods are given in it, through which we can easily withdraw our money on our account.

Now I will tell you how you can download this app 

downloading this app is very easy and friends, let me also tell you that this sin is found from the Google Play Store, you can download this app.

With this, I will give you the download button of this app, you can download it by clicking on that download.

After downloading this app, you have to make on your mobile and downloading this app is very easy then just click on my download button and there you will go to Google Play Store by installing Google Play Store.  

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