How to earn money from fiver

Hi friends Today I will tell you how you can make money from fiver Fiver is a nice platform People make a lot of money from here So now I will explain your step by step, how you can earn money here and I will give you some information about it.

How to Earn Money From Fiver

You can make money very easily from fiver Do people order and take orders So if you need something to take or to make something, then here you can give orderĀ  and you can get that thing.

If you want to give yourself, all you have to do is create an account Then you can also give some of your contains The thing you are very smart about

You just have to work on that topic You have to sample anything You want to upload it on fiver So if people like him by looking at him, then they will definitely do yours for you.

So if you order that thing then you have to complete that order Then you have to keep an amount for that order When you complete that order and give it to him, then you have to take money from him.

For example, you put two thousand for one order. Then if you get 30 orders in 1 or 2 days, then Then you can earn 60000 in 1 or 2 days

Work is very easy All you have to do is make a gift for that work and upload it on fiver. Sir, people will definitely like seeing him and will order from you

Now I have told you about how you will work on it and how you can take and send orders, etc. So now i will tell you something about it

About Of Fiver

Fiver is a huge platform Millions of people work here A lot of country people work here If you want more detail about it Then you can research it on youtube too

There too, you will be given a lot of information about it. If you can do this search on YouTube, then there will be more ease in working on it.

So now let me tell you how you will create an account here

How to create account on fiver

It is very easy to create an account on fiver I will guide you step by step All you have to do is pay attention here

What you need to do first is you have to go to the simple play store, you can download the application or you can search it on Google and open its website.

When it will open fiver There you can create an email account on it And you can also create your account with Facebook When you create an account from your email or from your Facebook

Your profile has to be updated there and all the information has to be given. You have to give your real address And give your information real

Like you have your own phone number, your email address, etc., or whatever. So that if people come from you then they will be sent this vote. This man is very real.


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