How To Earn Money From Bigo Live App

Friends, today I will guide you completely, in which way you will also earn money from Bigo Live Game app, Bigo Live App is good but people of Pakistan are earning money from this app. 

First of all I will tell you people how you will be able to register in Bigo Live App

As soon as you adopt the Bigo Live app, you will see a nice interface and after that, what work you have to do next, I will tell you in the post.

In the above screenshot, you can see that as soon as you open the Bigo Live app, you will have an interface like this.

To register, first you have to enter your mobile number and after that you have to click on Next  

Within 5 minutes a verification code will come on your mobile number then you also have to enter that code inside Bigo Live app and your account will be lost

Now I will tell you people how to earn money from Bigo Live App 

In Bigo Live App you guys have to do more live streaming If you do live streaming in video live app for 2 to 3 hours daily then you can earn a lot of money for month

In Bigo Live app, you can earn money by inviting Bigo Live app, if you invite 10 20 people then you will be given a lot of money.

I show you guys in the screenshot how you can invite your friends to Bigo Live App and show you people according to how much money you pay on Bigo Live app

In the above screenshot you can see that in Bigo Live App you can earn a lot of money by inviting this way

Friends, this is a very good app, Bigo Live App, so you must use it from yourself and earn more money on your mobile home.

Now I will tell you people how you can download Bigo Live App

You can download it from Google Store, you have to open Google Play Store, you will have to search Bigo Live app, then you people will get the first app, you can install it on your mobile.

I will give you the download button of Bigo Live App here also by clicking here you will go directly to Google Play Store and from there you guys have to download Bigo Live App by clicking on Install



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