How To Earn Money From Pakistan

How will you earn while living in Pakistan, today I will give complete gaide  to you guys in this post.

First of all, how will you earn money in Pakistan, I will also tell you the way and together I will share a mobile application with you people, through that app you can also earn money in Pakistan.

how to Online earn money in pakistan

you can earn money from youtube in pakistan And in Pakistan you can also earn money through website And if you guys have android mobile app then you can also earn money through android mobile app 

Let me tell you how to earn money from android mobile app 

I am sharing one such android app to you people, you can earn money by installing it on your mobile.

With this android mobile app people are earning 5000 to ₹ 10000 daily sitting at home while living in Pakistan. And I will tell you guys how you will earn money from this android mobile app

On the photo above, you can see which methods are given to us in this app to earn money.

  1. Daily Quiz 
  2. Refer And Earn

You are tried from Daily Quiz , if you complete that questions then you will be given  Rs100 for one question.

Refer and Earn if you want to earn money by clicking on this optional then you can earn money  On this option, you are paid only from the invite, if you invite even one of your friends, then you will be given $1 of one invite

Now i will tell you how to download this android app 

Go To Google play store And Sreach  Tokeen App

I have given you the download button in the end also by clicking from there you can download this app

Now i will tell you guys how you can register in this android app

It is very easy to register in this android app first you open this app and you can also register through email and also you can register with any social network

Social network means that you can register from messenger to with facebook account and also through instagram

Another screenshot What you can do you can see in the screenshot how to register in this android app

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