how to earn money playing online games

Friends, if you want to earn money by playing online games on your mobile daily, then you should read this post completely because in this post I am going to guide you completely.

I am sharing a game to you guys download it install it on your mobile

This game is very good game and from this game you can also earn $10 daily online I will tell you what is the name of this game and how will you download this game

Game Name Is Big TIME

As I have given you a screenshot above you can also see his game name in the screenshot

You get this game on the Google Play Store, first of all you have to open the Google Play Store and in the search section of Google Play Store, you will have to write the name in this way Big Time Game So a game will come to you people, you can install that game on your mobile. 

Now let me tell you how you will be able to register on this Game.

First of all, you will open this game, then you will get many options for registering, then you will have to register in this game from your Gmail.

Or you can also login to Facebook so that means you can be registered, you will also be able to register on this game through Instagram going to Facebook Twitter.

Now let me tell you how you will earn money from this game

How to play the game and how to earn money, I have completely added that method in a video. And where will you guys get this video, I tell you, first of all you have to open your youtube In the search bar of YouTube, you have to search the name in this way Technical Sabir Ali

And you guys will also get the video, so what you guys have to do is by playing that video and you have to watch the video completely because in that video you have been given a complete guide about this game.  I have also told in the video the way to earn money from the game and at the same time I have also told you how to withdraw money in that video as well as I have also told you guys how to invite your friends

Let me tell you some details from this game

This game is at least 25 MB, you can also check by downloading it from Google Play Store  


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