How to Us Any Network Free Internet

Friends, if you want to use free internet on any network then you must complete this post because in this post I will tell you how you can use network free internet on any of your sim  

I am going to give you an Android app like this, by installing this app, you too can get free internet on any network. 

First of all i will tell you how to download this android app 

First of all open the Google Play Store on your mobile After that search on google play store prank free internet then you people will get an you install it on your mobile 

  1. I give you guys a screenshot how is the interface of that app 

In the above screenshot you can see that when you open this app, you will see interface like this.

After that what you guys have to do next, write your name or whatever is the name on your sim card. You have come after writing the name, you have to click on Next and after that you will be asked your mobile number, then you enter your mobile number.

But keep one thing in mind, on which you want to get 32GB internet absolutely free, put the same mobile number.

After that you will receive a message after 10 or 20 minutes, you will have been given 32gp absolutely free on your network.

I tell you people on which network you can get internet absolutely free 

People in Pakistan use this app more because the internet in Pakistan makes it more difficult, so if you are also in Pakistan, then you can download this app and install it on your mobile and get internet GBs absolutely free.

In India also people use this app more and it gives free internet on any SIM of India.

  1. I will also tell you on which sim Pakistani gives internet on UFONE

Jazz 4G SIM




I have told you the name of Pakistani sim card, it gives free internet on all of SiM

This is working on which mobile 

  1. Samsung Mobile Android
  2. oppo android mobile
  3. Influx Android Mobiles 
  4. Hawai Android Mobiles
  5. LG android mobiles
  6. Metrola Android Mobiles

So quickly download the free internet mobile app, I tell you people, it is also very easy to download this app, if you want to write free internet, then you will be able to go to Google Play Store.


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