Watch Online TV Series on Your Mobile Phone

Watch Online TV Series on Your Mobile Phone

Nika TV mobile application has been gaining tremendous response ever since it was released some months back. The app uses a simple and easy-to-use interface to let the users enjoy the television program while they are on the move. The good thing about the application is that it works perfectly with both smartphones and mobile devices. The application works as a remote control for televisions installed in the homes. You can also control your favorite programs by logging into the app on your mobile devices.

Nika Tv Mobile App


The Nika TV allows the users to control their favorite TV shows by streaming them on to their mobile devices. The webpages of the shows are fully animated and use smooth and brilliant animation. The images used are high resolution ones and hence, you can enjoy excellent viewing experience on your mobile phones. The Nika TV mobile app offers many premium channels to the users.


You can easily access the channel of your choice by just typing its name on the search box on the home page of the app. Apart from this, you can also browse the list of all the popular channels. The Nika TV mobile app offers free video streaming. You can easily watch the videos on your mobile phone. It also provides the option of listening live to the radio channels.


There are two ways to buy episodes of your favorite shows. You can either purchase the episodes through iTunes or view the videos on your mobile phone. The videos can be watched on the devices of any person including kids. The Nika TV does not charge money from its users. Rather, it acts as an application and hence, you do not have to pay anything extra for using it.

Online TV Series on Your Mobile Phone

The Nika TV enables you to stream the content without downloading it on to the mobile phone. You just need a Wi-Fi connection on the device where you wish to watch the content. The streaming media player works in a smooth manner across various smart devices including tablets, smart phones and other devices with a touch screen. You can access the Nika TV on the go and stream live while travelling.


The mobile TV offers free loading of videos onto your mobile phone. You do not need to enter passwords for online access. Just simply login with your user name and password and you are ready to watch.


The Nika TV app supports most popular mobile brands like LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola etc. You can choose the best one for yourself according to your mobile phone brand. If you own an iPhone, the Nika TV app is for you. You can also stream the program on your PDA if you have one. However, the application is not compatible with any other hardware devices.

TV Series on Your Mobile Phone

You can watch the Nika TV on to your mobile phone free with an Nika TV membership. This service is available for free and is available from select mobile channels. The service is provided on a one time basis and you need to login to your account. With this simple mobile app, you can watch TV on the move anywhere.


There is no extra monthly subscription charges for the members. For non-members, there is absolutely no cost or monthly charges. You can watch as many episodes as you want without any limit. The episodes can be downloaded directly to your device. In case you wish to watch the latest episode, then you can pay a nominal fee and acquire unlimited streaming of Nika TV.


The Nika TV can be downloaded from the iTunes store for free. You need to purchase a valid license from iTunes. The Nika TV can also be streamed from selected mobile web sites. However, you must have a valid mobile phone or internet connection in order to stream the program on your mobile phone.

Watch Online TV Series 

Downloading the Nika TV mobile app is extremely easy. You just need to visit a site that offers the download of the mobile TV app. It is totally free of cost. Once the app has been downloaded to your mobile phone, you just need to launch the app and start watching the TV series. As a result, you not only save on your precious time but also save on your pocket. If you don’t like the shows, then you don’t have to watch it.


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